Sunday, 22 November 2009

Cheap and Cheerful Stunties and Movement trays

Over the last month i've been working on some Dwarfs I got with skull-pass last year and the odd Dwarf I had laying around. The idea behind this army is that I wanted to do a cheap small army for things like Doubles tournaments.

The only unit I've completed so far, is the Thunderers.

Normally for movement trays I use the Games-Workshop's ones. But keeping with the cheap theme, I made them!

I've got lots of cork flooring tiles (that's the material picked), so I marked out the tray's I wanted, leaving a 1cm lip round the edge.

Cut out. Cork is really easy to cut and bendy! (but we will forget about that for this tutorial).

Then I added a shed load of filler round the edge.

Trimmed of the excess filler with my knife and made sure the Dwarfs still fit.

Then I flocked, forgot to photograph and painted.
And there you go, my quick guide to making movement trays.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

My Ork army

I took these pictures when I photographed my Warrior's army.
This is the whole lot of my Orks at the minute, I've got loads more to add to it!