Friday, 25 December 2009

2010 Sneak Peaks

I just got an Email with these pics, thought I would share

I'm really hoping the Ork one is a plastic DeffDread, I hate the old metal one (I think it is the most difficult mini's I have put together).

If thats the new plastic Minotaurs, I think I might have to bring my old beast out of retirement!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Started on Space Hulk!

Last summer I picked up a copy of Space Hulk. I didn't have time to paint it and its been sitting in my cupboard screaming out to be painted for ages.

I want to get them all painted before playing the game properly (I had a quick game down the club when I first got it)

My first batch of Genstealers

And the first of the Terminators, which is the test model for the rest, because I was unsure the red would look okay (to bright), a couple of coats of wash and its looking really good now.

Im working on the rest of the first squad now, but they are taking a very long time to complete

More Dwarfs

I've painted up some more Dwarfs

I haven't stuck any static grass on them yet, because I'm waiting till I've finished them all.

This is my Dwarf Lord, I think I've finally got blonde hair right instead of it looking like yellow lego hair.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Cheap and Cheerful Stunties and Movement trays

Over the last month i've been working on some Dwarfs I got with skull-pass last year and the odd Dwarf I had laying around. The idea behind this army is that I wanted to do a cheap small army for things like Doubles tournaments.

The only unit I've completed so far, is the Thunderers.

Normally for movement trays I use the Games-Workshop's ones. But keeping with the cheap theme, I made them!

I've got lots of cork flooring tiles (that's the material picked), so I marked out the tray's I wanted, leaving a 1cm lip round the edge.

Cut out. Cork is really easy to cut and bendy! (but we will forget about that for this tutorial).

Then I added a shed load of filler round the edge.

Trimmed of the excess filler with my knife and made sure the Dwarfs still fit.

Then I flocked, forgot to photograph and painted.
And there you go, my quick guide to making movement trays.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

My Ork army

I took these pictures when I photographed my Warrior's army.
This is the whole lot of my Orks at the minute, I've got loads more to add to it!


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Epic Fail, Future plans

Well, on Monday I forgot to buy my tickets for the GW 40K doubles Tournament when they went on sale. I rang up yesterday only to be told they had sold out by 12.30 on Monday (in just 2 and a half hours).

So, it looks like the Space Wolves are going to be put on the back burner. Although I'm still going to do them for the 2011 tourney, I think I'm going to go back to one of my earlier plans before this all came about.

I have a whole list of things I need/want to do, I think thats what I love about this hobby I'm always thinking of new idea's to do!

Here's my list at the min:

1. Me and Matt are preparing to run a couple of 40K campaign's between us, one's with a mighty-empires set I picked up and our original idea which was a very narrative based campaign. For both of these I need to make some defense scenery for are armies to defend.

2. I have a massive back-log of Orks which I got for last Christmas and my birthday which need doing.

3. Space Wolves for next year!

4. I want to paint the dwarfs from my battle of skull pass set and make them into a small (Good Guy) doubles tournament army.

5. I really want to re-paint my Battlefleet Gothic Ork fleet to match my current 40K army, which will be useful for number 1

6. And finally, I have a copy of Space Hulk which need the mini's painting!

It's just a case of what to do first!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

New Skaven!

A quick post, images of the new Skaven have finally surfaced (sorry about the pun). I think they are a vast improvement over the old. Really like the Warlord Queek Headtaker model.

Although I think the Stormvermin might be a little over priced (by about 5 pounds).

I'm not going to start an army, but I might pick up some Clanrats for Heroquest/Warhammer Quest or even a Mordhiem warband.

Warlord Queek Headtaker

Deathmaster Snikch

Packmaster Skweel Gnawtooth

Skaven Clanrats

Skaven Stormvermin

Skaven Doomwheel

Space Wolves codex, first impressions!

Codex: Space Wolves

So the other day I got the new Space Wolves codex. It a really nice book, I haven't had time to read all the fluff but I've had look though the army list and started to write down a few ideas before I buy the models.

I really want to make use of the Wolf Guard rules where they can join other units, which I think will make some interesting unit combinations. I also want to try and squeeze a lone wolf into the list as well, I think they may be my favourite unit!

There is a few of things i've noticed in the codex which I don't like.

First up
If a wolf Guard is given a bike he can join a Swiftclaw pack, but if he takes a jump pack he can't join a Skyclaw unit, I think this may be a mistake.

and second, Bloodclaws don't seem very good, they are 15 points like Grey Hunters. Don't have a Boltgun, have a lower BS & WS and suffer from the head strong rule. Yes, they get +2 attacks when they charge, but I would rather shoot with the grey hunters pistols and charge (still having 3 attacks) plus they also have a better chance of hitting. If the bloodclaws was a few points cheaper, they may of found a place in my list.

Also I wish Wolf scout where troops, there alot of really fun/good choices in the Elites section.

Anyway, enough ranting. Apart from the points above its really good!, honest.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Starting a new 40k army

Right, the Warrior of Chaos are finished (well for the time being anyway). Which means I can start my next project which is a new small army for next years 40k Doubles Tournament at Warhammer World which I've talked my brother into going with me.

He will be taking his Space Marine army, which means I can't take my Orks, but I thought it would be a good chance to get my old Space Marine (My Storm Warriors Chapter) out. But looking at them now they look very dated (10 years old) and because I only need 750pts I'm going to start a new space marine army.

I was going to make my own Chapter with a Knight theme running though it (a bit like Templars but a codex chapter), but I have been swayed towards the Space Wolves (I know, jumping on the band wagon!). I really like the norse theme, I haven't read the codex yet but what really changed my mind was the huge amount of 'bitz' which comes with the sets compared to the templars. With the massive amount of options, I'm really looking forward to putting them together.

I will be posting my progress over the coming weeks!

Anyway, here the pictures of my classic Space marines.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

The Leicester Squiggle Tournament 09

I'm a week late with this post, but never mind.

Last Saturday was the leicester Squiggle Tournament and I had a great time.

It was a three game Warhammer Fantasy tournament, with me getting a draw against Vampires, massacred by Warriors of Chaos and got a massacre against an Ogre army.
I finished a respectable 17th out of 30 which Im happy with!

Also I came 3rd or 4th (wasn't paying attention when they announced it) with best painted army, which I'm really happy with because there was some nice looking armies there.

I'm really hoping they run another tournament next year.

Here's the army list I took:

Warriors of Chaos 1997 points


Exalted Hero 131pts

Shield (5pt) +Chaos Steed (16pts)

Chaos Sorcerer 140pts

Level 2 (35pts) + Mark of Tzeentch (20pts)


Warriors x17 342pts

Shields (1pt) + Musician (6pt) + Champion (12pt) + Standard Bearer (12pts)

Magic Banner - Blasted Standard (40pts)

Marauders x20 120pts

Shields (1pt) + Musician (4pt) + Champion (8pt) + Standard Bearer (8pts)

Marauders x36 200pts

Great Weapons (1pt) + Musician (4pt) + Champion (8pt) + Standard Bearer (8pts)

Marauder Horsemen x5 88pts

Shields (1pt) + Champion (12pt) +Musician (6pts)

Marauder Horsemen x5 76pts

Throwing Spears (1pt) +Musician (6pts)

Warhounds x5 30pts

Warhounds x5 30pts

Warhounds x5 30pts

Warhounds x5 30pts


Chosen x10 250pts

Great Weapons (2pt) + Musician (10pt) + Champion (20pt) + Standard Bearer (20pts)

Chaos Ogres x4 200pts

Great Weapons (10pt) + Chaos Armour (5pt)

Chaos Knights x7 330pts

Musician (10pt) + Champion (20pt) + Standard Bearer (20pts)

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Finished - My whole Warrior of Chaos army

I have now completely finished my Warriors of Chaos army, with one week to go before the Leicester Squiggle Tournament. So here it, my complete army even with the units i'm not taking.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sorcerer's, Clocks, Paper and Burning Things

I've finished the first of the characters for my army i'm taking to the squiggle tournament, the sorcerer.

When I had put this model together I thought it really needed a cloak to make him look more important. None of the plastic clocks would fit, and i'm rubbish with green stuff, so I needed to think of another way of making it. When I remembered paper banners, something which has been killed of (when I had final mastered doing them) with GW plastic ones.


I've never seen guides or even anyone try paper cloaks on the internet before, so I thought it would be a good idea to share this, as I'm really impressed with the results.

1. Starting with the model, as you can see at the minute he looks rubbish.

2. Draw the shape of the cloak and cut out!

3. Bend in to a ruff shape around the model and glue it to the points which touch the model. On this model its the back and the back of the feet.

4. Paint the cloak with a coat of water down PVA Glue and shape again. When dry give it a few more coats of PVA. When your finished it should be really stiff, almost like very thin plastic.

5. Then I used green stuff to blend it in with the rest of the model.

6. Finished off with other bits added to the model.

7. Then painted as normal

I enjoyed making the sorcerers cloak, so I've added one to my Exalted Hero as well. But I wanted it to look more worn, so I used a match to burn the edges. I did this before I glued it to the model, because the results are bit hit or miss, also burning things is always fun!!
Then sculpted the green stuff to look like fur and blend into the model.

I hope you've found this post useful. I think using paper on models is an art/technique which has really died out in recent years, which is a shame, because when done right the results can be fantastic. For my next army (which is looking like being an Orc and Goblin one) it will have all paper banners.