Friday, 24 June 2011

Tomb Kings Army - building - part 1

Wow it's been ages since my last post and even longer since I posted about Warhammer. What have I been doing? Well I've started a new Warhammer army. Board with my Warriors of Chaos and sure they hate me, I've decided Dwarves would suit me best, but with two tournaments coming up in June, there was no way I could make, paint and do them justice in time!

Then Tomb Kings came about and thought they now looked interesting, different to the armies I'd normally collect and also quick to paint! My idea is to do a quick Tomb Kings army to tide me over till I can finish a Dwarf one.

The plan, with 6 weeks before my first tournament, was to spend three weeks building and next three weeks speed painting 2400 points worth! To cut a long story short it, I managed to build it but I had to give up on the painting, just too much!

I'm still trying to paint it quickly, but with a bit more relaxed timeframe!
I'm building this army differently to how I'd normal do it. Normally I'd build and paint one unit at a time, but this time I've built the whole army and I'm now currently base-coating all the models, the next stage will be to shade and highlight them all.


Monday, 28 March 2011

Hordes - Trollbloods 1st 15 points

Hi All
Its been a long time coming, heres the first 15 points for my Hordes Trollblood army. I'm really trying to paint them to the best of my ability instead of rushing though them, so their taking awhile.

The Group Shot

I chose Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia as my first Warlock just because I like the model, although I thought he was a little small compared to the other Trolls so I stuck him a large stone.

Next up is the Impaler Troll.

And the Mauler.

And last but not least, the Fennblades Unit

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hordes - Trollblood Reforcements

Hi all
Blimy it's been over a month since my last post. Although I haven't finished painting the Trolls I have already, I have bought some more.

Normally I collect my armies in little sections, but I've started going to a gaming club in Hinkley (in Leicester) and their've got no problem with using unpainted models.

I've now got almost enough for a 50 point game. Here's the list of my Trollblood army as it stands:

46+6 points, 28 models

Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia +6 points
* Dire Troll Bomber 10 points
* Dire Troll Mauler 9 points
* Troll Axer 6 points
* Troll Bouncer 5 points
* Troll Impaler 5 points

4 Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes 3 points
6 Pyg Burrowers 4 points
10 Trollkin Fennblades 8 points
* Fennblade Officer & Drummer 2 points

I've also bought a second Warlock, Borka Kegslayer, thought it would be handy having to 2 casters.

I've still got 4 points to spend, which I'm going to use on a solo.

Also I was told about this great free app for my phone called 'ibodger'. Which is what I did the list above with. Granted would be better to have a Warhammer version as Warmachine and Hordes list are not the most difficult/time-consuming to write.

Hopefully next week I'll have some pictures of actual painted models, because I've almost painted 15 points worth.

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Trollblood Test Mini

Hi all,
Quick post today, I've finished the test model for my Trollblood army for Hordes and wanted to share.

I'm very happy with it, but I think there will be a few things I change on the next one I do.

Also this post is a bit of a test because I've posted from my phone, interested to see how it turns out.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Khador, Yuri the Axe

Hi all

Here's the final model in this batch for my Warmachine Khador Army, Yuri the Axe.

So far I've painted 21 points for Khador, which is a bit of a odd number. So I've bought a unit of Widowmakers which takes it up to 25 point. I've also made up a Man-O-War Drakhun which Matt bought me for my birthday last year. I think i'm going to save painting these till after I've done a few Trollblood minis.


Friday, 14 January 2011

Trollbloods update

Hi all

Just a quick Trollblood update. I've finished constructing all the Troll models I have at the minute and since I took the picture I've filled the gaps with green stuff and based them all.

I'm struggling to find the time (daylight) to take them outside to spray.


Saturday, 8 January 2011

Warmachine, Khador Man-O-War Unit

Hi all

Here's pictures for my Khador Man-O-War unit I finished over the Christmas break.
Also the other day Me and Matt had our first game, unfortunately I forgot to take any photo's, too engrossed in teaching Matt the rules!

Anyway here's the pictures!


Monday, 3 January 2011

How to do... Foam Weathering

Hi all

Since I posted up pics of my Khador Warjacks, a few people have asked how I did the Gritty/weathered look on the armour.

So here's my quick step by step of Foam Weathering.

What you'll need

A brush for mixing paints, a dry brush/old brush and some foam. For foam I use one of the off cuts from my carry case, but foam from a blister pack will work just as well.

Step 1 - Basecoat

Paint all the basecoat on the model and all the layering you might need to do. Bear in mind, this will messy and you will have to re-paint some areas.

Step 2 - Paints & Mixing

I mixed GW's Scorched Brown, Chaos Black and Knarloc Green (because this the base colour i'm painting over)

Now dip the foam into the paint. And dabbing the foam should give you the effect below.

Step 3 - Dabbing the 1st colour

Dap the area's you want to look worn.

Should look like this when finished.
This also works the same on the Red area's but show up more on brighter colours.
I used the Dry/Old Brush to prod in the hard to reach areas.

Step 4 - Metal Chips

Do the same, but this time with Bolt Gun Metal

Should look like this.

Step 5 - Fixing up

If you've done to much, you can go back and dab some of the original base coat colour over the top (this case it Knarloc Green).

Re-paint the area's which shouldn't be worn.

Step 6 - Wash

Once you're happy with it, given the model a coat of Delvan Mud wash.

Once done, carry on with Highlighting and Shading as normal.

Hope this is useful.
I've finished this unit now, so in a few days I'll post up the finished pictures.

Thanks Andy

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Starting a new army, Trollbloods

Happy New Year everyone,

I've started a Trollbloods army for Warmachine & Hordes. I'm going to collect these along side my Khador army as no one I know (apart from Matt) plays Warmachine & Hordes I can lend one out and get a game.

I got a shed load for Christmas and bought a few more yesterday, so once I've finished the last of the Khador models I have, I'm going to start putting these together.

So far my army list is:
Epic Hoarluk Doomshaper +6 WB Points
Troll Axer 6pts
Troll Impaler 5pts
Dire Troll Mauler 9pts
Troll Bouncer 5pts
x10 Trollkin Fennblades 8pts

Which adds up to 27pts