Friday, 25 December 2009

2010 Sneak Peaks

I just got an Email with these pics, thought I would share

I'm really hoping the Ork one is a plastic DeffDread, I hate the old metal one (I think it is the most difficult mini's I have put together).

If thats the new plastic Minotaurs, I think I might have to bring my old beast out of retirement!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Started on Space Hulk!

Last summer I picked up a copy of Space Hulk. I didn't have time to paint it and its been sitting in my cupboard screaming out to be painted for ages.

I want to get them all painted before playing the game properly (I had a quick game down the club when I first got it)

My first batch of Genstealers

And the first of the Terminators, which is the test model for the rest, because I was unsure the red would look okay (to bright), a couple of coats of wash and its looking really good now.

Im working on the rest of the first squad now, but they are taking a very long time to complete

More Dwarfs

I've painted up some more Dwarfs

I haven't stuck any static grass on them yet, because I'm waiting till I've finished them all.

This is my Dwarf Lord, I think I've finally got blonde hair right instead of it looking like yellow lego hair.