Friday, 24 June 2011

Tomb Kings Army - building - part 1

Wow it's been ages since my last post and even longer since I posted about Warhammer. What have I been doing? Well I've started a new Warhammer army. Board with my Warriors of Chaos and sure they hate me, I've decided Dwarves would suit me best, but with two tournaments coming up in June, there was no way I could make, paint and do them justice in time!

Then Tomb Kings came about and thought they now looked interesting, different to the armies I'd normally collect and also quick to paint! My idea is to do a quick Tomb Kings army to tide me over till I can finish a Dwarf one.

The plan, with 6 weeks before my first tournament, was to spend three weeks building and next three weeks speed painting 2400 points worth! To cut a long story short it, I managed to build it but I had to give up on the painting, just too much!

I'm still trying to paint it quickly, but with a bit more relaxed timeframe!
I'm building this army differently to how I'd normal do it. Normally I'd build and paint one unit at a time, but this time I've built the whole army and I'm now currently base-coating all the models, the next stage will be to shade and highlight them all.