Saturday, 27 June 2009

Making a Quick Blood Bowl Pitch

At my club blood bowl has become popular recently. So I thought it would be useful to have as many pitches as I could get my hands on, then new players would only have to worry about getting a team together.

A couple week ago, I almost throw away these static grass paper mat as I thought I would never need them, Games-workshop cloth static grass matts are much better.

Measured out the area I needed (77cm x 45cm), then cut it out.

Then I marked out a grid using a green maker pen (squares are 29 x 29mm).
My first attempt I tryed to draw the black crosses without marking a grid and it was a nightmare!

I then drew the pitch marking in a red marker pen.

Then I trimmed the edges off to make it look a little neater.

Finished! and Im really happy with the results.

The paper grass matt cost me around £5 and I only really had enough to make one,
But if you buy Games-Workshops cloth static grass matt (and you needed a lot) you could make 6 for £2.50 each.

Spooky Trees! as a group

Here's the trees on there base

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Spooky Trees!

Here's some close ups of the chaos themed trees I've done

Tree number 1

The back

Tree 2

Tree 3

Zoomed in

Fantasy Hills - Finished

I've finished my hills. I'm going to need to add a few more bits before it starts to look impressive, not bad for a weeks work!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Long Grass

A few people have asked my how I do my long grass.

I bought this stuff about 8 years ago from a model shop (I dont think they sell it any more). Long grass on one side and cotton wool stuff on the other.

You take a clump and pull it off

Pull the wool off and paint PVA glue on to the bottom

Push into place

Should look something like this

Add static grass around the edges, so it blends in and hides any rubbishy bits

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Fantasy Hills - Day 4

The hills are now painted

The next stage is to add grass. I think this could make or brake them, because they might not fit in with my gaming board.

The paints I used are Homebase masonry paints (tester pot). I find the pots they come in are big enough for painting scenery with out having to buy a massive can.
And I mix the paints as i'm painting.
These are fine for hill, rock and other natural areas, but are to thick for detail painting.

The woods still need finishing before I post up any pictures.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Fantasy Hills - Day 3

Tuesday - Day late posting.
Nothing to show today.
I've undercoated the hills brown and started paint the trees.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fantasy Hills - Day 1

I've got this week off work, so my task for the week is to put together some fantasy/middle-earth style scenery to go with my 40k 6x4 gaming board.

To save time and the fact I already had half the modular hills, I opted for GW plastics hills and there spooky trees which I want to make more chaos-fide so it looks like they are on the border with the chaos wastes.

The hills are going to be basic because I want them to fit in with Fantasy and Lord of the Rings. My Gaming board is build for Moonscape/City Ruins stuff and currently has no greenery. Hopefully by adding static grass to the hills and the wood I can change this.

Paint all the hills with PVA glue.

I sat the hills in a box (same size as the one the hills came in) and sprinkled the flock on. When finished I could poor the excess flock back in the tub.


I gave all the hills a coat of very watered PVA glue, to seal the flock, not really tried this before, so hope it worked.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I plan on giving them a undercoat of brown paint.
Wednesday, Paint them properlly
Thursday, flock with static grass and long grass.

The wood I'm going to do like any normal miniature (ie. spray black) because of the detail I don't want to lose when using thick paint.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Ork Shokk Attack Gun

Got a new camera now, so a good time to post up pics of my new Shokk Attack Gun!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

1 Week - 36 Orks

I'm quite pleased with myself this week, I managed to finish 36 Orks in one week.
I've had the black reach orks hanging around since last october and thought it was about time I got round to painting them.

I didn't want to spent weeks paint these, so I followed a painting guide from White Dwarf 352 which was about painting armies quickly.

Normally I would paint between 5 to 10 models at a time. But this time I painted all 36 in one go, one colour at a time. It works great for bulk models, but I would never do this elites and stuff!

They look a little rushed close up, but will be a fine for gaming with.