Saturday, 27 June 2009

Making a Quick Blood Bowl Pitch

At my club blood bowl has become popular recently. So I thought it would be useful to have as many pitches as I could get my hands on, then new players would only have to worry about getting a team together.

A couple week ago, I almost throw away these static grass paper mat as I thought I would never need them, Games-workshop cloth static grass matts are much better.

Measured out the area I needed (77cm x 45cm), then cut it out.

Then I marked out a grid using a green maker pen (squares are 29 x 29mm).
My first attempt I tryed to draw the black crosses without marking a grid and it was a nightmare!

I then drew the pitch marking in a red marker pen.

Then I trimmed the edges off to make it look a little neater.

Finished! and Im really happy with the results.

The paper grass matt cost me around £5 and I only really had enough to make one,
But if you buy Games-Workshops cloth static grass matt (and you needed a lot) you could make 6 for £2.50 each.