Thursday, 2 July 2009

Getting ready for a squiggle!

Well, I've submitted my Warriors of Chaos' list for the 'Leicester Squiggle' Tournament. I have made some changes from the last tournament.

Because I didn't have much time before. My army was made up of mostly elite chaos warriors, which for most people I'm sure this is fine, but I lack the ability to make armour saves, which is very important for 'Chaos Warriors'.

This time i'm going to take more Marauders to compensate.

Here's my list of new stuff I need to make for the Squiggle!

A new Exalted Hero, mounted on a steed
10 Warhounds
7 Marauder Horsemen
36 Marauders with great weapons
2 Chaos Knights
and 1 more Chaos Ogre

Shouldn't be to difficult!