Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fantasy Hills - Day 1

I've got this week off work, so my task for the week is to put together some fantasy/middle-earth style scenery to go with my 40k 6x4 gaming board.

To save time and the fact I already had half the modular hills, I opted for GW plastics hills and there spooky trees which I want to make more chaos-fide so it looks like they are on the border with the chaos wastes.

The hills are going to be basic because I want them to fit in with Fantasy and Lord of the Rings. My Gaming board is build for Moonscape/City Ruins stuff and currently has no greenery. Hopefully by adding static grass to the hills and the wood I can change this.

Paint all the hills with PVA glue.

I sat the hills in a box (same size as the one the hills came in) and sprinkled the flock on. When finished I could poor the excess flock back in the tub.


I gave all the hills a coat of very watered PVA glue, to seal the flock, not really tried this before, so hope it worked.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I plan on giving them a undercoat of brown paint.
Wednesday, Paint them properlly
Thursday, flock with static grass and long grass.

The wood I'm going to do like any normal miniature (ie. spray black) because of the detail I don't want to lose when using thick paint.