Saturday, 1 January 2011

Starting a new army, Trollbloods

Happy New Year everyone,

I've started a Trollbloods army for Warmachine & Hordes. I'm going to collect these along side my Khador army as no one I know (apart from Matt) plays Warmachine & Hordes I can lend one out and get a game.

I got a shed load for Christmas and bought a few more yesterday, so once I've finished the last of the Khador models I have, I'm going to start putting these together.

So far my army list is:
Epic Hoarluk Doomshaper +6 WB Points
Troll Axer 6pts
Troll Impaler 5pts
Dire Troll Mauler 9pts
Troll Bouncer 5pts
x10 Trollkin Fennblades 8pts

Which adds up to 27pts