Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Space Wolves codex, first impressions!

Codex: Space Wolves

So the other day I got the new Space Wolves codex. It a really nice book, I haven't had time to read all the fluff but I've had look though the army list and started to write down a few ideas before I buy the models.

I really want to make use of the Wolf Guard rules where they can join other units, which I think will make some interesting unit combinations. I also want to try and squeeze a lone wolf into the list as well, I think they may be my favourite unit!

There is a few of things i've noticed in the codex which I don't like.

First up
If a wolf Guard is given a bike he can join a Swiftclaw pack, but if he takes a jump pack he can't join a Skyclaw unit, I think this may be a mistake.

and second, Bloodclaws don't seem very good, they are 15 points like Grey Hunters. Don't have a Boltgun, have a lower BS & WS and suffer from the head strong rule. Yes, they get +2 attacks when they charge, but I would rather shoot with the grey hunters pistols and charge (still having 3 attacks) plus they also have a better chance of hitting. If the bloodclaws was a few points cheaper, they may of found a place in my list.

Also I wish Wolf scout where troops, there alot of really fun/good choices in the Elites section.

Anyway, enough ranting. Apart from the points above its really good!, honest.