Sunday, 4 October 2009

Starting a new 40k army

Right, the Warrior of Chaos are finished (well for the time being anyway). Which means I can start my next project which is a new small army for next years 40k Doubles Tournament at Warhammer World which I've talked my brother into going with me.

He will be taking his Space Marine army, which means I can't take my Orks, but I thought it would be a good chance to get my old Space Marine (My Storm Warriors Chapter) out. But looking at them now they look very dated (10 years old) and because I only need 750pts I'm going to start a new space marine army.

I was going to make my own Chapter with a Knight theme running though it (a bit like Templars but a codex chapter), but I have been swayed towards the Space Wolves (I know, jumping on the band wagon!). I really like the norse theme, I haven't read the codex yet but what really changed my mind was the huge amount of 'bitz' which comes with the sets compared to the templars. With the massive amount of options, I'm really looking forward to putting them together.

I will be posting my progress over the coming weeks!

Anyway, here the pictures of my classic Space marines.