Tuesday, 31 March 2009

2 for 1 Battlewagons

I recently bought the new battlewagon kit. Which I really like.
My plan was to try and get 2 battlewagons out of the one kit, one will be a Transport version with a deff  rolla on the front the other is more of a tank using the turret and changing the barrel for something a bit more like a Killakannon.

I made this one first, the Deff Rolla was made out of a tank trap and was connected the wagon by plastic from the screw frame. I left all the gubbin till after I made the other one.

On to Battlewagon 2
For the body, I've had this unfinished landraider hanging around for ages. I thought it makes a great battle-wagon when I've seen other peoples.

I turned it around and mounted the turret from the Battlewagon kit on it. I also chopped away the door at was the front (now the back) leaving it open, I thought this would make it feel more like the armour value 10 it should have.
The barrel was made from a light fitting. (looking back I think I should have done more to the barrel) 

I painted them in my normal colours for my Ork Army.