Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Big Gork, Little Gork

Right I've made my [proper] Stompa, In-fact I sprayed it and its waiting to be painted.
But I have a bit of a size issue with my old Stompa, which is much larger.

A bit of reseach, and its actually the size of a Slasher Gargant. I've got some rules from Bell of lost souls, in their 'Lord of Battle' pdf. Although at 1500pts, it limits the games it can play in. Also im missing the belly gun.

2 for 1 Battlewagons

I recently bought the new battlewagon kit. Which I really like.
My plan was to try and get 2 battlewagons out of the one kit, one will be a Transport version with a deff  rolla on the front the other is more of a tank using the turret and changing the barrel for something a bit more like a Killakannon.

I made this one first, the Deff Rolla was made out of a tank trap and was connected the wagon by plastic from the screw frame. I left all the gubbin till after I made the other one.

On to Battlewagon 2
For the body, I've had this unfinished landraider hanging around for ages. I thought it makes a great battle-wagon when I've seen other peoples.

I turned it around and mounted the turret from the Battlewagon kit on it. I also chopped away the door at was the front (now the back) leaving it open, I thought this would make it feel more like the armour value 10 it should have.
The barrel was made from a light fitting. (looking back I think I should have done more to the barrel) 

I painted them in my normal colours for my Ork Army.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

War of the Ring preview

A few weeks ago I downloaded the preview/quick start rules for War of the Ring. Me and my Brother 'Matt' decided to give it a go. To be honest I really didn't want to like this game, because I know if I like it, I will have to collect a new Lord of the Rings army.

I really enjoyed it, can't wait till the rulebook comes out.
I recommend this for anyone who likes the Lotr game,

And so it begins

Well this is my first post on my new blog. 

Its going to be all about Wargaming, well actually it will be petty much about Games-Workshop games, in-fact if you don't like Games-Workshop your looking at the wrong blog.

I play, or at least try and play most of GW's games