Friday, 15 January 2010

Big Gaming week, for me anyway!

I've played 3 games this week, that triple the amount of games I usually play.

First up is two games of Space Hulk against my brother Matt switch between Marines and Genstealers. We are going to try and play through all the missions in a simple campaign. The rules are, we take it in turns to play though a mission till we complete it and the person to complete all the missions first is the winner. Unfortunately we both got wiped out, on the plus side it gives me more time to paint all the minis I need to play Mission 2.

These pic where taken seconds before I was wiped out.

My third game was 40K against John at my local club. 1,500 points, my Orks against his Space Wolves. We ran out of time though and only got to turn 4. It was technically a draw, but I definitely was going to lose. I'm finding Space Wolves a tough nut to crack with my Orks. Against Orks the Wolves have all the advantages of normals Space Marine, but non of the weakness.

The pics are a bit rubbish because they where taken on my phone.