Sunday, 31 January 2010

Started a new game, Pulp City

A few week ago me and my brother Matt stumbled on a interesting game called Pulp City. Its a small skirmish games about Superheroes, Villains and other comic book styles characters.

what appeals to me about this game is with it being a skirmish game, you only need 3 to 8 models a side to play the game, so not a massive commitment. The setting is very different to a lot of other games with it not being Fantasy, Sci-fi or Historical (although its kind of all three).

Also all the rules are free to download, although I haven't played a game yet they look really good, quick and easy to learn.

Anyway here's the link to there to their website 'Pulp City', which has everything you need to play.

I bought the Heroes and villains starter sets, because I couldn't decide between them. Which arrived the other day.

I found this video on you tube, this guy does a much better job of explaining it than I do!