Sunday, 27 June 2010

Warriors Reinforcements

I know, I had said that after the Dragon that was it for the warriors of chaos and I would start a new army, but a lot has changed since then.

A couple of weeks ago was the Summer Incursion tournament at Maelstrom Games. Another great weekend and managed to end my loosing streak by winning 2 of my 6 games which is great for me. Winning 2 games has made a big difference.

Then there's the matter of 8th edition which looks like it's going to give power back to the infantry man. Considering my army is about 80% infantry blocks this is a really good thing.

So I have been looking at my army to see what changes/improvements need to be made.
So here's my 'to do list'.

1. I have a Chaos Warrior unit and Chosen unit both at 10 man strong with Great-weapons. I think these are to small, so I'm going to add an extra 5 men to each units.

2. I picked up 2 new minis from Maelstrom which I intend to use both as characters. They are both from a company called Enigma Miniatures and look really nice.

I want to use this guy as a lord. I given him a flail which is a little different.

This one is going to be my Battle Standard. I want to do one which is on foot so he's right in the thick of it with my foot troops, plus they are greatly improved in 8th, now being able to re-roll all leadership tests within 12".

3. I have 3 ogres in my bits box which I think I will make up as a command for me existing unit. These guy look like they will be get better in 8th too!

4. I think I might add some funky units to. I'm thinking maybe a giant, hellcannon and warshine.

I will post up some better pictures of the characters when I've added some green stuff.