Saturday, 6 February 2010

Matty's first blog post - Mattys WIP plup city minatures

Hi, Im Matty , Andraths brother . This is to be my first of hopefully many posts on his blog .
I start collecting warhammer and warhammer 40k around the same time as Andrath, my armies are mainly space marines and a very WIP (work in progress) dark elf army of which re-uses and update some old classic models from when I started collecting but that's for another post, today its all about the plup city fever that I have been court up in and my new WIP plup city miniatures I had bought to battle against Andrath.

sometimes when i make up my models I can be a bit lazy with my basing of the models but this time I thought I'd go to town on them as I've only got a few superheros and super villains to do I'll let you be the judge if they have work or not but I'm happy with them, and can not wait to get them paint up.