Sunday, 28 February 2010

Pulp City - Finished Supremes

A few pic's of my finished Pulp City Supremes. Really enjoyed painting these, was really nice to paint a stand-alone mini which isn't part of an army.

Iron Train - I tried of lots new techniques on this model. Although he is a little on the dark side, I'm really happy with the weathering on it base and I feel like I've finally nailed an easy why to paint brass which in the past I've struggled with.
To paint the brass, I painted Dwarven Brass then washed over it with Turquoise Hawk and dry brushed Dwarven Brass over the top.

Androdia - Nice and easy one to paint, just Mithril Silver, with washes over the top.

It's a hard miniature to photograph, so here a pic of the back