Wednesday, 10 March 2010

40k Defense Scenery - Part 1

For a while now Me and Matt have been gearing up for a campaign, in fact since we started our Ork and Space Marine armies, which has been a bit of arms race.

Where almost there, just need some scenery for our armies to defend.
We aren't using planet strike, so we don't have to worry about mounted guns and stuff like that.

We need:
At least 2 Imperial Bunkers
At least 2 Ork Bunkers
Barricades for both armies
and 1 fort each for the imperials and Orks

I've been off work this week so I have made a start.

For the Imperial building, I have gone down the bought route (or Xmas present to be exact).

I decided not to add the walls with guns, because I didn't think they needed them and I'm thinking about using them for something else.

I've scratched build the Ork buildings.

Started with upside-down plant pots and a CD on top.

I stuck lots of corrugated card squares to the sides, building up layers, then stuck lot of bits to them to give them a junk-yard feel.

The one on the left still needs stuff adding to it.

The back of one of them.

I also found this fort I made way back for Gorkamorka about 10 years ago. Looks really dated, but i'm unsure wether to try and restore it or start with something fresh.

Yeap, thats real dust, not some really cool weathering effect.