Sunday, 28 February 2010

Orc & Goblins Sunday Surprise!

Sitting in my Inbox this morning was an email from Games-Workshop (see below). It's very cryptic about new Orc & Goblin releases in May. I have a feeling it will be a wave miniatures and not an Army Book.

If it is new mini's, I have got no idea what they could be!

"More Orcs & Goblins coming in May

Orcs & Goblins are the scourge of the Warhammer world, an unending tide of ferocious raiders. For every greenskin Waaagh! defeated on the field of battle, another arises to trample a swathe of destruction across the land. Orcs and Goblins live to fight!

Orcs & Goblins are one of the most popular Warhammer armies and it's not difficult to see why: they can field warriors of all shapes and sizes from tiny Snotlings to Giants, and every shape of Orc and Squig in-between. They have access to a bizarre array of war machines and mounts, and some of the most entertaining special rules of any Warhammer army. And thanks to their inclusion in the great-value Battle for Skull Pass set, are often the first army a hobbyist collects.

So this May we're celebrating the Orcs & Goblins in all their choppa-wielding glory. We're under orders from the Big Boss to keep quiet about exactly what's going on so be sure to check out in April when all will be revealed and pick up May's issue of White Dwarf for an in-depth look at all things green."