Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fixing up old scenery

As well as more Chaos Warriors, I have also been fixing up some of my old scenery for 8th Ed and some of the other games I have been looking into starting.

First up, is my woods. Before, all our trees were on separate bases, which was fine for games like Lord of the Rings but for Warhammer and 40K a proper base is much better.

I wanted to keep them as generic as possible so I can use them for over games systems like Warmachine and Flames of War.

Here's the bases I have made. We played our first game the other day and decided to tone down the Mysterious Woods rules by saying these are normal (everyday) woods and we used the Games-Workshop 'Spooky Trees' as a Mysterious Wood, which worked really well.

I've also fixed up my really old Wizards Tower which I originally made about 10 years ago. I used some moss to cover up where the paint and roof tiles fell off.

I love the new scenery rules, got loads of ideas for the other scenery in the book.