Monday, 2 August 2010

Warriors Reinforcements Update

Here's an update on the Warriors of Chaos minis I've been doing.
These seam to be taking me a long time to get going, Although I have done a little more since I took these pictures, they are all undercoated and I have painted the Warriors with Great-weapons (these are the most urgent, because I wanted to take them to my next tournament).

Now that ranks work better for monster infantry, I thought I would like to add a command to my Orges unit.

To make them look like they are wearing Chaos Armour, I added lots of Marauder Shields, which gives them a bit of a turtle look (ogres in a half shelf).

I've done a few updates to the Heroes aswell, adding greenstuff in the gaps.

I blended his cloak in by adding fur to the top of it (fur and hair are about the only things I can sculpt).

And the rest of the troops.

The warriors with Great-Weapons are the only ones I've finished so far.