Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Warriors of Chaos Exalted Hero

I've finished one of the Exalted Heroes I've been working on.

I took the pictures at night, so I was struggling to get the lighting right.

Also me and Matt played our 2nd Game of Warhammer 8th Ed. I'm loving the new edition at the minute, bloody and violent, suits my Warriors of Chaos down to the ground. Plus I get to use the marauders I painted!

I took a few pictures but forgot when the game got going.

This was taken just after deployment. We rolled 'Battle for the Pass'. The woods where normal wood apart from the GW woods which we used as Mysterious Woods.
The rock where impassable and to the right is a Acropolis of Heroes which makes units within 6" Stubborn and also impassable.

Matt's army deployed. He hasn't finished his Dark Elves yet, so for the time being he's been playing a mix of Empire and Bretonnians to make up the numbers.

My Battleline, the plan was for the Knight to charge though the gap in the scenery and cause havoc in Matts lines with the Warriors and Marauders following up.

This picture was taken just before it all went wrong. This was at the end of turn 1, Matt then charge the Chaos Knights with his Swordsmen and White wolf cavalry. With my knights being Stubborn because of the Acropolis and Matt having Steadfast, this combat lasted the entire game and blocked off that side of the table.

On the right side of the table, I finished off Matts knights winning me the game.
It was a low scoring game, but for me the highlight of the game was 5 Marauder Horsemen killing 3 Bretonnian knights with throwing axes!